five favorites: August 2016



I’ve had these for years, and I still love them! Madewell still makes them, and they come in lots of colors now. I just think these sunglasses make me looker cooler than I actually am, so why not? You know? Also, I really like to have just one or two pairs of sunglasses because then I get lots of use out of them and have fewer pairs to break by accidentally sitting on them. Continue reading


My Minimalist Shoe Collection


I like not owning very many pairs of shoes. They don’t take up too much space, it saves time when choosing an outfit, and I get the satisfaction of wearing through pairs of shoes from using them a lot. I walked everywhere in college, and over my four years there, I wore holes through the bottoms of numerous pairs. It’s kind of like totally using up an eyeshadow palette. It only happens when you only have what you love and what you use all the time.  Continue reading