Camping in Idyllwild, CA!


Sean and I went camping in the most beautiful California mountain town called Idyllwild. It was a 3 hour drive south of the LA area, right up in the mountains. We spent two nights there and it was freezing cold but very lovely. Continue reading


Day Trip: Santa Monica Pier


Somehow, Sean and I have made it almost a year in LA without doing much of the typical tourist stuff. The other day we had a day off and we decided to finally take a trip down to the Santa Monica Pier.  Continue reading

Vegan Camping Food


Sean and I just got back from a really fun two-night camping trip. We packed simple foods that we could either eat cold or cook over a campfire, and I felt like we brought just what we needed. For dinners both nights, I made vegan hot dogs with ketchup and tomatoes. I don’t tend to buy vegan “meat” products, but it felt festive for camping. I was glad to have a little fresh produce with my dinner after mostly dried fruit for snacks. Continue reading

Clothing Items to Get Rid of When Decluttering (Minimalist Wardrobe Tips)

DSC03616 (1).jpg

I’ve been really enjoying decluttering my belongings lately, and the closet is a great place to start. If you’re like me, you’ve looked into your very full closet many times and felt like you had nothing to wear. This is such a common experience in our society, that we can easily forget that there’s a simple solution to the problem. To me, it’s all about changing your mindset about the stuff you own. The guilt of having items in your closet that you know you’ll never wear is so much worse than just gathering it all up and taking it to a donation center once and for all. What you’re left with will be a much emptier closet filled with only things that you love and wear frequently.  Continue reading