What I Wore: Date Night


Tonight, Sean and I went to a cool restaurant in Downtown LA called EVO Kitchen. They specialize in locally-sourced and organic ingredients, which I always prefer, and we had a really nice time. 


I used to work at Madewell, so a lot of the small(ish) amount of clothing and accessories I own are from there. My dress is from Madewell, and this is the closest thing I could find that they currently sell. It’s meant to be a beach cover-up, but I always wear it as a regular dress with this belt which is also from Madewell. Here’s a link to a similar belt that they currently carry.


This pouch/clutch (Madewell, obviously) is what I use as my wallet. I usually keep it inside a larger purse. For a night out, though, I don’t need much, and it fits my phone and the four lip products that inevitably accumulate in there. They don’t have this color combo anymore, but they always have this zip pouch in their normal bag colors. Anyway, I love using this for a wallet and highly recommend a larger pouch like this one if you’re not incredibly organized but always want to make sure you have the things you really need, no matter which purse you’re using.


A maxi dress like this one is a great addition to a capsule wardrobe because it can be very casual with flip flops and sunglasses, or I can make it feel more dressy with some heeled sandals and nicer jewelry. It’s also extremely comfortable which is a requirement for me when it comes to clothes.


I bought these shoes several years ago at DSW. They’re by Tahari, and here’s a similar pair they sell right now. They’re my only sandals besides one pair of flip flops, so I wear them in the summer when I want to look a little nicer and we’re not planning on doing much walking. I like to have a brown pair, because I think this shade of brown goes with everything, especially since two of the three bags I own are a similar color. It’s all about mixing and matching, people.

Hope you like the outfit!


Until next time,



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