Goals for 24



Yesterday was my 24th birthday! It feels like I was just writing my goals on my 23rd birthday, but at the same time, it feels like so much has happened in a year. The older you get, it seems, the stranger time moves. Everything feels so much faster than it used to, but I’m at this big transitional time in my life, so a lot is happening all the time. Since my last goals post, I: spent a year in LA, celebrated my one year wedding anniversary, moved to Chicago (!), and had 3 different jobs. I think I really stuck to a lot of last year’s goals, and now I want to make some more that will make this next year one that is full of positivity, peace, and rich and engaging experiences.

Goal #1: Spend the mornings outdoors as much as possible. It’s a grounding way to start the day off right.

Goal #2:  Spend more time with family. Being in Chicago now and close to most of my family will really help!

Goal #3: Take better care of my skin. It’s a great daily self-care exercise, not only focusing on caring for my current self, but for my future self as well.

Goal #4: Stay of top of birthdays/anniversaries and be an early RSVPer. Who doesn’t love someone who remembers to send in their RSVP card on time?

Goal #5: Be more actively gracious. Start verbally expressing all the many things I’m grateful for, in a journal or out loud.

Does anybody have any yearly goals that have worked well for them? I’d love to know. Here’s to another exciting and ever-changing year!

All the best,


Giant Sequoia National Monument


On our recent trip to Kernville that we took to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary (!!), we drove about 35 miles from the lodge to visit Giant Sequoia National Monument, home of the Trail of 100 Giants. Spoiler alert: the giants to which the trail refers are giant sequoia trees. Continue reading