five favorites: February 2017


As February draws to a close, it’s time to sum up my five favorite things from this month, starting with:


I love makeup, and I think it’s a lot of fun, but lately I really like just looking like me. Since first starting to use makeup in early high school, I’ve gone through a lot of phases, usually trending towards very dramatic winged eyeliner and dark lipstick. I went for a week at the beginning of this month without wearing any makeup, and it really changed my perspective on my appearance and what truly makes me feel pretty. I’m realizing the very obvious fact that a smile is the prettiest makeup you can wear. I recommend trying to go a few days without makeup if you’re a regular makeup wearer. I still like to wear some makeup most days now, but I think it might do you a lot of good to get used to your beautiful bare human face. Continue reading


FAMILY RECIPE #1: Mushroom Asparagus Frittata


The first recipe I’ve made in my Family Cookbook project is Karen and Donna’s mushroom asparagus frittata. Karen and Donna are my first cousins, once removed. I figured I should let you know how I’m related to all of these family members, since my family and I are really into family trees. This recipe came out really well, and was especially a hit with my husband! He claims to not like eggs, so that’s really saying something. Continue reading

PROJECT INTRO: Family Cookbook


Good evening reader!

Today I’m excited to introduce a new project I’m working on! I’ve decided to try to cook my way through this cookbook of recipes from my family (or at least cook a lot of them). My mom’s two sisters threw me a “recipe shower” before my wedding last year, where all the guests brought a recipe card with a family favorite recipe. Then, they compiled this very special cookbook for me with all of the recipes, and more. Continue reading