Lake Sinissippi, WI


Long time no talk, everybody! I’ve been taking the last couple of months to step away from screens and focus on being present and trying to feel my best. Sean and I have been loving Chicago, but city-living always gets to me after a while. It’s great to have access to most things you could ever need, but sometimes the thing I really need is quiet and fresh air and a big open sky and birds singing in the morning.


For spring break, we decided on a getaway to a little lake house in Dodge County, Wisconsin.


We found this place on Airbnb, and it was wonderful. Every morning, I sat out on the porch in these rocking chairs and listened to the squirrels and birds and looked out on Lake Sinissippi.


I didn’t realize how much I missed being surrounded by this much nature until we were there. It feels easier to breathe in a place with less concrete and more green.


The Airbnb hosts had a canoe for us to borrow, and we had so much fun taking it on an adventure on the lake.


We could see on the map of the area that the lake has many small islands in it, so we tried to paddle to the largest one.


We got to the shore of what we thought would be an uninhabited island and found this small wooden house.


No one was home, and we couldn’t tell if anyone lives there, but they did have some eclectic decorations outside the front door.


After more exploring of this island, we realized it probably wasn’t an island, but actually a peninsula, since we found a very large functional farm just past the abandoned wood house, and saw a truck drive away. It’s possible our canoe navigation skills aren’t exceptionally strong.


It was the nicest weather we’ve had in many months, and we brought a blanket and a picnic lunch. It’s very peaceful to eat a meal outdoors.


The views from the canoe were all blue and beautiful.


We made most of our meals at the Airbnb home, but tried two restaurants in the area. The Lake Street Inn in Hustisford was a cozy and casual place to have dinner on the night we arrived, and NOLA North Grille in Mayville was a slightly fancier restaurant with a New Orleans theme with great food and more of a date night atmosphere.


There’s something about small towns that just make you feel like you’re worlds away from the crowds and noise of a big city, even when you’ve only driven a few hours to get there.


All the best,



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