3 More Self-Care Ideas


[1] Try to catch yourself about to have negative thoughts about yourself and actively choose to do something else. Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and put on a light-hearted TV show. Remind yourself that you’re deserving of love and care.


[2] Get some fresh air, even just a little. It’s pretty cold in Chicago right now, but just my short walk home from work can feel really refreshing and grounding after a long, stressful day. I think the self-doubt and negative thoughts that feel overwhelming on your couch in your dark apartment can feel much smaller once you take a step out into the big world.


[3] Take an afternoon to organize some small part of your life really well. Even if it’s not your whole house, just a little bit of order can feel soothing. Every time you go into your underwear drawer or your jewelry stand or your kitchen cabinet, you’ll feel a bit of peace at the organization.

Check out my first self-care post for more ideas!


All the best,


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