Sunrise at Runyon Canyon


The one hiking trail in LA that everyone seems to know about is Runyon Canyon. Apparently it’s very crowded usually and especially on weekends. Henri and I decided to try to see the sunrise from there the other day. It was not busy at 4:45 AM. It was quite cloudy, so we didn’t really see the sunrise, but we still got to watch the world wake up.


The journey to the top of the hill from the entrance we took (I think we took the trail that starts at Fuller Avenue) was quick, and led us to a beautiful lookout spot with views from all around us.


The city looked particularly sparkly at the crack of dawn.


IMG_6370 (1).jpg

Henri is my oldest friend. We met 10 years ago. It was great to get to spend this time catching up.



There’s something so serene about waking up before the rest of the city does. It suddenly doesn’t feel so crowded. It can be easy to forget how lovely silence can sound sometimes.

All the best,



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