August 2017 Favorites


1 my e-reader

My sister gave me a Kindle for my college graduation, and in my year and a half of owning it, I have mostly chosen paper copies of books over the digital version. There’s something satisfying about the heavy hardcover in my hands that an e-reader simply cannot replicate. That said, Sean and I just moved to Chicago (!!) and since I was between zip codes and therefore between libraries, I didn’t have any books with me. My California library allows me to check out digital books, so the Kindle has been great! It was so nice to be able to bring a bunch of books in my carry-on without the bulkiness and weight of actual books. Even though I finally got a Chicago library card (!!), I still find myself bringing my Kindle to work every day.ย  Continue reading


Goals for 24



Yesterday was my 24th birthday! It feels like I wasย justย writing my goals on my 23rd birthday, but at the same time, it feels like so much has happened in a year. The older you get, it seems, the stranger time moves. Everything feels so much faster than it used to, but I’m at this big transitional time in my life, so a lot is happening all the time. Since my last goals post, I: spent a year in LA, celebrated my one year wedding anniversary, moved to Chicago (!), and had 3 different jobs. I think I really stuck to a lot of last year’s goals, and now I want to make some more that will make this next year one that is full of positivity, peace, and rich and engaging experiences.

Goal #1: Spend the mornings outdoors as much as possible. It’s a grounding way to start the day off right.

Goal #2: ย Spend more time with family. Being in Chicago now and close to most of my family will really help!

Goal #3: Take better care of my skin. It’s a great daily self-care exercise, not only focusing on caring for my current self, but for my future self as well.

Goal #4: Stay of top of birthdays/anniversaries and be an early RSVPer. Who doesn’t love someone who remembers to send in their RSVP card on time?

Goal #5: Be more actively gracious. Start verbally expressing all the many things I’m grateful for, in a journal or out loud.

Does anybody have any yearly goals that have worked well for them? I’d love to know. Here’s to another exciting and ever-changing year!

All the best,