June 2017 Goals


1 actively practice self-love

This month, I want to be super duper extra nice to myself. I find I am always happiest when I am quick to forgive myself for mistakes, and abundant with positive thoughts about my capabilities, choices, and even my appearance. It feels so great to consider myself  my own friend instead of someone I fight with a lot, or someone who isn’t perfect enough. If I ever start having negative thoughts about myself, I’m trying to think about if it would be okay to think or say those negative things about my friend or my sister. If it wouldn’t be okay, it shouldn’t be okay to say them about myself. Continue reading

five favorites: May 2017


[1] letting my hair be

I didn’t use any heat-styling on my hair this entire month and it was honestly liberating. That probably sounds silly to some people, but to those of you who have always hated your natural hair texture and feel like you need to style it for you to look presentable, think again! Until this past month, I hadn’t left the house without straightened or curled hair once since I was maybe 15. I don’t know how I fell into the trap of thinking I looked bad unless I spent time and energy changing my natural hair texture. It’s not that I’ll never curl my hair again, but not feeling like I have to has brought me a sense of freedom in the unlikeliest of places. Also, my hair is shinier and healthier than ever! Continue reading