Millennium Park in Downtown Chicago


As new Chicago residents, Sean and I felt we had to make an obligatory trip to Millennium Park, home of the magical, mystical Bean


We agreed that The Bean has the exact qualities we enjoy most in public art pieces: it’s slightly conceptual and a lot of fun.


We stood underneath it and looked up, and we found ourselves reflected five times. It’s interesting how the tourists become a part of the art. That part is conceptual and fun.


This is a picture of us with our reflection selves in the Bean.


The Bean isn’t the only cool thing about Millennium Park. It’s really a beautiful space with lots of green and plants, contrasted by all the silver structures and skyscrapers.


It was a beautiful day when we visited, and we had a great time just walking around and exploring.


But Sean’s favorite part was the relaxing Lurie Garden. After a day of walking around, it was a nice last stop. We made wishes and tossed in pennies and splashed our feet in the cool water.


Until next time,



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