Our First Anniversary! (3 days in Kernville, CA)


We made it! One year of marriage down and many more to go. To celebrate, Sean and I returned to one of our favorite spots in California: Kernville (population 1,354).


It is an extremely charming little town. I love being in a place without franchises. Archie’s, for example, is the town hardware store, and from what I gather, it’s the only hardware store in town.


There are about 5 restaurants in Kernville. Here is Sean at one of our top five (ha ha)- Kern River Brewing Company, which is a beer brewery and restaurant. We’re not really beer drinkers, but we did give their homemade root beer a try.


I wore my new dress to our anniversary date. This picture was taken in our room at the Kern Lodge. It was boat themed.


Our room had this really cute colorful bathroom sink.


After dinner one night, we went on a little walk around town. There are mountains everywhere you look.


On our second day of the trip, we ventured about 35 miles outside of Kernville to Giant Sequoia National Monument, home of the most gigantic trees ever. One of the park rangers told us about a big boulder nearby that you could climb for an amazing view. Boy was he right.


There’s really no way to capture what it feels like in a photo to be so high up and to see so many beautiful things below you.


This was the tallest rock stack there. People seem to make rock stacks for future hikers to discover. I think they’re really cool, because they allow people to leave their mark without actually leaving anything manmade, just using the objects nature already put there.


And of course, a trip to Kernville wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Cheryl’s Diner. When we were there in the winter, all these chairs had giant Santa hats on them. It’s a festive and warm place where all of the employees seem to know most of the customers who come in. I get a bit of a Gilmore Girls vibe there. I just love a small town. Now we just have to come up with a great trip to go on for our 2 year anniversary. We have about 11 months to plan it.


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