My Current Minimalist Shoe Collection


I feel like I’ve completely simplified my collection of shoes so that I have a pair for any occasion that occurs often in my life, without ever feeling overwhelmed by my options. To me, this is exactly why minimizing your possessions is a great way to reduce stress in your life. 


For my three pairs that I wear most often, I have:

[1] sandals for days off, going to the beach, and wearing a dress in the summer

[2] ankle boots for outfits that don’t involve running shorts or my mocha drizzle-covered barista outfit

[3] sneakers for work, runs, walks, and most things


My other two pairs are:

[4] my winter boots (self-explanatory)

[5] my hiking boots (also self-explanatory)


I will say, I also have my wedding shoes stashed in a box with my wedding dress, but I didn’t feel they were necessary to include in this list. I used to have many pairs of shoes, a significant portion of which would hardly be worn. Now it feels so nice and freeing to not feel guilt of unworn purchases when I look in my closet. With a minimal collection of shoes like this one, one important note is that you should really love every pair in order for the minimalism to create the optimal feeling of peace and simplicity in your life. The great thing about my small collection of shoes is that I know which pair to wear for any activity, and I know I’ll like them a lot when I wear them.

What are some things you’ve done to simplify your life that make you happy?

All the best,



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