Day Trip: Marina Park Beach in Ventura, CA


When Henri was here, we decided to check out one of the beaches in Ventura. We picked Marina Park Beach which is (as you can imagine) a marina, a park, and a beach. 



It’s not really a swimming beach, more of a lounging beach, although we all dressed too warm. It was a lot hotter over there than in Burbank that day.


IMG_6456 (1).jpg

The rocky shore reminded me of the Rhode Island coast.


We saw a couple of sea lions! They were so adorable, basking in the sun.

Photo by Henri.

Before going home, we found a great lookout spot in Ventura to watch the sunset.

IMG_6526 (1).jpg

A lot of people gathered up here in this grassy patch to watch the sun go down over all the buildings and mountains.


IMG_6519 (1).jpg

IMG_6533 (1).jpg


Also by Henri ❤

Ventura is a very pretty place.


Love and sunsets,



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