June 2017 Goals


1 actively practice self-love

This month, I want to be super duper extra nice to myself. I find I am always happiest when I am quick to forgive myself for mistakes, and abundant with positive thoughts about my capabilities, choices, and even my appearance. It feels so great to consider myself  my own friend instead of someone I fight with a lot, or someone who isn’t perfect enough. If I ever start having negative thoughts about myself, I’m trying to think about if it would be okay to think or say those negative things about my friend or my sister. If it wouldn’t be okay, it shouldn’t be okay to say them about myself.


2 try a few fun new recipes

In May, I made pad Thai and coconut curry, two foods that I love ordering at restaurants, but never thought of trying to make myself. They turned out very well. It’s a lot of fun to break that barrier and realize I can make anything at home (and usually spend a lot less than I would at a restaurant). This month, I want to try some more recipes like that. Just think of the most delicious meal ever and then make my whole house smell like it and eat its leftovers for a whole week.

photo courtesy of my pal Henri

3 make some plans

Sean and I are planning on moving away from LA when our lease is up in August. I’ve been out of college for about a year now, and I think I’m finally beginning to understand the kinds of things I want to do with my life. I’m sure they will constantly change, but this month, I want to figure out some concrete plans for the near future, to put a little more structure into my life. I love to be open-minded, but I think definitiveness can also be comforting if you’re making choices that feel right for you.

What are some of your goals this month?


Love and luck,



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