five favorites: May 2017


[1] letting my hair be

I didn’t use any heat-styling on my hair this entire month and it was honestly liberating. That probably sounds silly to some people, but to those of you who have always hated your natural hair texture and feel like you need to style it for you to look presentable, think again! Until this past month, I hadn’t left the house without straightened or curled hair once since I was maybe 15. I don’t know how I fell into the trap of thinking I looked bad unless I spent time and energy changing my natural hair texture. It’s not that I’ll never curl my hair again, but not feeling like I have to has brought me a sense of freedom in the unlikeliest of places. Also, my hair is shinier and healthier than ever!


[2] hiking

I went hiking this May more times than any other month before. We went for a couple around LA earlier in May, and then went for an amazing hike when we were camping in Idyllwild. At the end of the month, my friend Henri came to visit, and we’ve gone on a couple more trails with them. I’ve been loving it. It feels great to be outside, far away from cars and traffic and shopping malls. Hiking is a hobby that Sean and I have become interested in since we met (4 years ago). Before then, neither of us were very outdoorsy. It’s been really fun to develop a new hobby together.


[3] reading

I read 8 books this month! That’s a lot for me, possibly my record high. I’m trying to read 50 books this year. Right now, I’m on my 20th. The plan is to get past 25 before July starts, so I’ll have 6 months to complete the other half. I’ve never read that many books in a year, and I’ve been really enjoying reading and utilizing my local library lately, so I think this might be my reading year.


[4] cooking

I never cooked much growing up, and I had a meal plan in college, so I never really had to figure out how to plan my meals on my own. I graduated a year ago, and I’m finally feeling very comfortable in the kitchen. (Sean would tell you I’m also very messy in the kitchen. I have no shame about that.) Since I’ve been eating plant-based lately, meal planning is even more important, because it’s not as easy to grab a sandwich wherever you are if you get hungry. Plant-based cooking has allowed me to discover a lot of new recipes I never would have tried otherwise. I feel like my cooking confidence is growing. It’s not that I’m an amazing cook who doesn’t need a recipe or something. It’s just that now when it’s dinner time, I feel like I know what I’m going to make and I’m not going to mess it up too much and there’s always garlic salt if it doesn’t have enough flavor.


[5] going for walks with my pal Leo

If you didn’t know, I have a tiny teacup Yorkie friend (pet) named Leo. Full name: Leonardo Fitzwilliam Feder Pinkett Smith. He’s as sassy and angsty as he is small, and I love him to bits. It’s been very nice this month going on walks with him. He can’t walk that far or that fast, but he’s a great strolling companion. The weather in Southern California right now is very lovely and mild. Apparently, it’s called June gloom. It feels like it’s autumn all over again, but that’s not how seasons work. Anyway, Leo and I have been enjoying it a lot.

What were your favorite things this month? Did anyone read any good books or cook any good meals? I’d love to know!

Until next time,



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