Camping in Idyllwild, CA!


Sean and I went camping in the most beautiful California mountain town called Idyllwild. It was a 3 hour drive south of the LA area, right up in the mountains. We spent two nights there and it was freezing cold but very lovely.


Our tent was the coziest place to be when the temperature reached the 30s at night. Back home in Burbank, it was in the 90s this same week.


Sean took this trip as an opportunity to polish his campfire-making skills. By the end, I think he got pretty good. I still did a terrible job roasting my soy hot dog, but I think that’s more on me than on him.



On the second day, we went on the most incredible hike we’ve been on so far. It was 7 miles total through beautiful pine trees and mountain views.


This is me on the top. It was more arduous than hikes we usually go on, and by the top, I don’t know if either of us was sure we were going to make it down. The downhill ended up being way easier (surprise surprise) and the whole thing was very rewarding.


This is Sean sitting on a rock in a cloud. The cliff drops steeply off the side down so far I was scared to get very close. Sean doesn’t share my fear of heights.


One night I left the tent in the dark and to look up at the stars and they were stupendous. I can’t remember the last time I saw so many stars. It feels like magic, being in a place like that. We had such a fun time on this trip and can’t wait for our camping trip next month.


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