Day Trip: Santa Monica Pier


Somehow, Sean and I have made it almost a year in LA without doing much of the typical tourist stuff. The other day we had a day off and we decided to finally take a trip down to the Santa Monica Pier. 


The weather ended up being a lot chillier than we expected. I think we keep getting fooled by the temperature change between being in the city and being right on the coast. It’s always colder by the water. We still had a fun time, but our soaking up the sun plan didn’t pan out.


It really is charming to see a little theme park on the coast next to the beach. I’ve never actually been to a place like this, with the little beach roller coasters. It was extremely crowded, even though it was a weekday afternoon. It seems like everywhere in LA is always busy, no matter when you go.


Sean really enjoyed the arcade. He’s pretty good at skee ball, but my absolute favorite thing was watching him play a slightly broken wack-a-mole machine. The disparity between the eagerness of the person with the mallet and the low-energy moles that can only peek their heads out halfway after being wacked for too many years was hilarious for some reason. Anyway, he won enough tickets for a single fun-size Airhead (cherry flavor).


I guess Sean was looking forward to riding roller coasters, and I thought we were going to be laying in the sun and reading, but it turns out I’m terrified of roller coasters and it was really cold on the beach, so wack-a-mole was a great compromise.




Even though the day didn’t go as we’d planned, we had fun because we were together. It may be a sappy sentiment, but it is surprisingly true.


Then we went to a Veggie Grill on our way home and I loved it. It’s an all vegan chain restaurant. The strawberry lemonade was excellent, as well as my masala bowl and the carrot cake we shared.

We’re planning on moving away in August, so we should probably get in a few more tourist activities before leaving. Any suggestions?


Until next time,



4 thoughts on “Day Trip: Santa Monica Pier

  1. Aww this is super cute! I love the pier. Have you heard of the Marvin Braude bike trail? It runs along all the beaches (beginning from Pacific Palisades to Torrance). You obviously don’t have to bike the whole thing but it’s one of my favorite activities. I have a blog on outdoor and active activities to try in LA. Check it out if you want more ideas 🙂 I highly recommend hiking trails like these:


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