Clothing Items to Get Rid of When Decluttering (Minimalist Wardrobe Tips)

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I’ve been really enjoying decluttering my belongings lately, and the closet is a great place to start. If you’re like me, you’ve looked into your very full closet many times and felt like you had nothing to wear. This is such a common experience in our society, that we can easily forget that there’s a simple solution to the problem. To me, it’s all about changing your mindset about the stuff you own. The guilt of having items in your closet that you know you’ll never wear is so much worse than just gathering it all up and taking it to a donation center once and for all. What you’re left with will be a much emptier closet filled with only things that you love and wear frequently. 

Here are some items you can donate (or try to sell) and rid yourself of the extra baggage:

[1] damaged clothes that you plan to repair but never do

(a shirt that’s missing a button, a jacket with a broken zipper, jeans with a ripped hem)

[2] clothes that hurt to wear them

(a bra with underwire that pokes you constantly, a sweater made of scratchy material, pants that are so tight that you can only wear them if you are planning on not sitting down)

[3] clothes that you’ve owned for over a year without wearing

(a faux fur jacket, a leopard print summer scarf, five inch heels)

[4] dry clean only clothes if you’re a college student

(way too big of a hassle)

[5] expensive clothes that you don’t like but feel guilty to get rid of

(you can try to sell them if you want, but the money’s already been spent, and you’re doing okay, so that fancy dress you don’t have an occasion for is only giving you anxiety and no positive value)

[6] clothes that bring back bad memories

(your ex-girlfriend’s hoodie, the t-shirt you were wearing when you found out your uncle died, a logo sweatshirt from the summer camp you hated)

[7] “goal clothes”

(if you’re already feeling bad, you don’t need your pants to make you feel worse, I think it is best to focus on happiness instead of changing yourself in terms of goal-making)


After following these tips myself, my closet is quite empty, but I wear every single thing in it on a regular basis and I never struggle to figure out what to wear since I only have a few options. The whole thing has become stress-free and this kind of freedom is what minimalism is all about to me.


Happy decluttering!



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