Day Trip: Hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains


Lately I’ve been getting overwhelmed with social media and the Internet and electronic screens in general. The other day, I felt like I just needed to get out into nature. Sean and I found this trail in the Santa Monica Mountains called the Backbone Trail, and we decided to check it out. There were so many different kinds of wild flowers. There were more moths and butterflies than I’ve ever seen, fluttering their way through the flowers. It turns out you can’t see any of them in the photo because they were moving too fast.


Being in the mountains is so beautiful and green, I sometimes forget that California is in the middle of a drought.


There was a little waterfall that we could hear in the middle of the hike, and we found this little creek that it fell into. We didn’t see a single other person for the four miles we were on the trail. I like it when that happens. It feels good to be so alone in that way, in the peaceful quiet of nature. Alone but together, because I was with my husband, but being with him feels a lot like being alone to me because his presence is so comforting.


Lately, it feels important to me to connect with the Earth in a personal way, like through hiking. It’s beautiful to go out in the middle nowhere and experience all of the wild, living things that we forget about. I think humans share something significant with all the plants and animals because we are also wild, living things. Sometimes I find myself losing that connection when I spend a lot of time with my computer and not a lot of time with trees and wild flowers. It felt good to go out and get it back.

Do you ever feel this way? Do you get overwhelmed or anxious about the all-consuming feeling of the Internet and always having to be “reachable” by phone or email?


Lots of love and positive vibes,




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