five favorites: April 2017


[1] my beanie

We spent the first half of the month traveling, and it brought me some minimalism insight. I was able to realize the things that I was really glad I brought with me, as well as the things I could have left behind (and probably don’t need to own at all). My cozy black beanie was one thing I loved having with me. It’s perfect for plane rides and for uncertain spring weather. It’s the only daily wear hat that I have (I also have a sun hat and a winter hat) and it’s all I need. I got it in the men’s section at Urban Outfitters a while ago. I don’t think this specific hat is special, but I like having my one hat that I can bring in my bag and throw on when I get chilly. Also, it’s cute and makes me feel like a cartoon bandit.


[2] clementine oranges

I can’t stop eating these little oranges lately. I eat around 5 a day, but sometimes more. They’re so sweet and juicy and they travel well for work or running errands. This week, we bought large navel oranges at the Farmers’ Market instead of clementines, so we’ll have to see if I like those just as much.


[3] natural deodorant

I’ve heard aluminum in deodorants can be dangerous, and I’m trying to switch all the products I use to ones with more natural ingredients, so I’ve been through a lot of different (and not great) natural deodorants. You know those air freshener commercials where they say the only thing worse than your house smelling like fish is having it smell like fish and flowers? That’s how I feel about all the natural/aluminum-free deodorants I’ve ever tried until this one. They sometimes work okay but by the end of the day I either smell just bad or bad and also like whatever scent my deodorant is. Anyway, the Schmidt’s brand has worked stupendously for the last couple months. I just ordered a new one in a different scent because I’m running low. It’s made from shea butter and comes in a jar with a tiny spatula (so you don’t have to dip your fingers in the jar). In conclusion, this is the best I’ve ever smelled while using natural deodorant, and I finally feel comfortable making the switch to natural.


[4] refillable hand soap

Through minimalism and being a more conscious consumer as of late, I’ve discovered lots of ideas about being more eco-friendly. Reusing and shopping in bulk are the concepts that interest me most. I love the idea of shopping as little as possible (or alternatively buying exclusively from small businesses). Reusing containers and buying your actual products in bulk seems like a great way to do something nice for the environment. While this refill pack for my Method hand soap is not exactly buying in bulk, it has saved us some money while still being cruelty-free, and it’s gotten me on the right track in terms of producing less waste. I hope to discover many more ways to make our household more eco-friendly.


[5] running

One of my goals for April was to take more walks, and that led me to start jogging again. I have a (long-term) goal of running a half-marathon at some point. I think that would be so amazing. I didn’t grow up playing sports, so it’s taken a lot to convince myself that I’m someone who can be athletic. I love feeling like a runner now, even though I don’t run that fast or that far without taking a walking break. I’m planning on participating in some smaller races too, to keep the momentum going.

What were some of your favorite things in April?


Until next time!



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