Recipe: Vegan Mushroom Wellington


At a family gathering recently where beef Wellington was being served, I got to try out Delicious Everyday’s recipe for mushroom Wellington. While mine didn’t turn out quite as beautiful as Jennifer’s (from Delicious Everyday), it tasted really great and looked moderately beautiful! I would love to make this again in the future for guests or a special occasion.


This is a pretty complex and lengthy recipe, compared to what I normally cook. It begins with caramelizing chopped onions.


Look how happy I am about caramelizing the onions. Maybe if you try out this recipe, you’ll be that happy. (That’s how advertising works, right?)


The recipe calls for whole portobello mushrooms with their stems removed. I halved the recipe, so I only used two, and one sheet of the puff pastry.


I was surprised to learn that the regular Pepperidge Farm brand of frozen puff pastry does not contain any animal products.


I omitted the spinach from the filling that the recipe called for. I also made the “egg” wash using just almond milk, maple syrup, and olive oil. (It also calls for aquafaba which is the water from a can of chickpeas). I think the recipe turned out great, even with these small changes that I made.


I was concerned about the mushrooms making the puff pastry soggy after the mushroom Wellington was cooked, but I think draining the cooked mushrooms ahead of time worked effectively, because sogginess really wasn’t a problem.


It was very exciting to try out a recipe like this. Usually, I try to pick recipes that I’m already pretty familiar with, but I didn’t know how this one would turn out until it was done. I think I’ll try to be more adventurous with cooking in the future!

Try out this recipe that I used at Delicious Everyday’s blog!

Do you have any vegan recipes I should try out?


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