Day Trip: Monrovia Canyon Hiking Trail


The other day, Sean and I decided to explore the Monrovia Canyon, along the San Gabriel Mountains. The trail we took was only about 1.5 miles each way. It led to this beautiful waterfall.


There was a $5 parking fee, but we felt it was very worth it after this lovely hike.


I forgot there could be so much green in California. There was a canopy of tall, tall trees over us for most of the hike.


Some of our hike was open like this, but about half was on a narrower trailΒ on the side of a mountain with a steep edge that caused my fear of heights to flare up a little. It reminded me of our hike in the Grand Canyon, but I was less prepared for it. I think I’m getting more confident with confronting my fear of heights, and it’s something I plan to continue to work on.


When we arrived at the waterfall at the end of the trail, there were many people there. This was one of the most populated hikes we’ve been on out here in the LA area. There were kids playing and splashing in the water, and an older man who was doing what can only be described as calisthenics. It was silly, but very sweet to see all the families who hike together.


I always feel more connected to the planet when I get to enjoy it with limited man-made interferences. Sean and I are trying to plan a camping trip soon, because hiking in a place like this always makes us realize how much good nature does for us.


Happy hiking,



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