10 Days in Rhode Island and Chicago! (vegan eats and visiting family)


Sean and I hadn’t seen most of our families since our wedding in July of 2016, so we planned a trip to Rhode Island (where Sean is from) to Chicago (where I am from) and then back to LA. 


We visited the coast of Narragansett (Rhode Island) on one of the first days of the trip. This is the spot we walked to on our first date, four years ago. It was very special to return there. We got married very close to there, too, so it holds a lot of memories.


This is my tofu scramble from Crazy Burger, a really fantastic restaurant in Narragansett that has lots of vegan options. Sean and I ate there the morning after our wedding.


It was very chilly in Rhode Island and Chicago this time of year. We still tried to go on some walks throughout the trip. Good thing I brought my trusty blanket scarf.


Our flight from Rhode Island to Chicago was very early in the morning and we watched the sunrise from the plane. How beautiful!


Even though I grew up in a suburb of Chicago, I still felt a comforting sense of home to see the skyline when we arrived.


My sister took us to Pick Me Up Café, another café with tons of vegan options. The picture above shows a vegan tofu Benedict and the BEST French toast I’ve ever had. I can’t believe it was vegan, and I need to find the recipe!


We walked through Lincoln Park and saw lots of interesting sculptures.


We got to celebrate Passover with my family. There was lots of singing at this seder which was so much fun. I hadn’t been to a seder in a few years during college, so it was really nice to be back.


On our last day in Chicago, we stopped at the Chicago Diner, a long-standing restaurant that is entirely vegan except for dairy cheese options. I had a chocolate peanut butter vegan milkshake which I loved so much, and vegan moussaka which was really good too.


Chicago looked very beautiful at night. We had a great time on our trip, but I will say, it feels good to be back home, getting back into our routine. That’s one of the nice things about traveling. My dad always says, “It’s good to leave and it’s good to come home.”


Happy travels,




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