FAMILY RECIPE #4: Double Nut Pesach Pralines


For my first Passover seder while eating a plant-based diet, I decided to slightly adapt a recipe from my family cookbook, with just a swap-out of regular butter for vegan butter. These kosher for Passover and vegan treats are delicious! They keep well in the fridge, and are popular with non-vegans and vegans alike!


These Pesach pralines are in the same family as English toffee. They are little matzah crackers, covered in a caramel and nut combination and baked in the oven. You’ll forget you don’t like matzah after trying them.

This recipe is from my Aunt Marcia, my mom’s older sister. It is one recipe from my family cookbook that I really remember eating many times throughout my childhood.


Sean enjoyed piecing the matzah crackers together like a puzzle. The recipe works best keeping as little space between the crackers as possible, so the caramel topping doesn’t get all over the place.


I remember that my mom used to make these for holidays besides Passover, and substitute the matzah for graham crackers.


I think you could take the recipe a step further and drizzle some chocolate on top, with a sprinkle of sea salt.


For a low-stress seder, this is one recipe that can be made in advance. I think they might have even tasted better after being refrigerated overnight. If you’re looking for a quick and super delicious recipe to make for a Passover dessert, this is the one!


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Happy Passover!



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