Minimalist Packing (10 day trip)


Sean and I are on a trip to visit our families in Rhode Island and Chicago! We haven’t seen them since our wedding last July! I thought it was a great opportunity to practice my moderate level of minimalism for packing. The picture above is everything I wore on the plane. I always try to wear my bulkier items for travel days (making sure they’re also my super comfy items).


I wanted to pack as little as possible, while still beingΒ realistic. In the past when packing minimally, I’ve ended up not bringing enough and feeling uncomfortable with re-wearing something more times than I’d like, especially if anything gets dirty. Sean and I plan to do laundry once in the middle of our trip, so I brought 5 tops, 4 bottoms, and a dress for our 10 day trip.

Almost all the clothes I packed (besides PJs and exercise clothes) are black which means I can mix and match anything with anything. We don’t have strict plans for our trip, so I feel confident that I’ll be able to put together an outfit for any occasion with what I brought.


My sister has been trying to convince me that rolling clothes instead of folding them saves space in your suitcase for probably 10 years. I finally believe her. We packed all our things in this large suitcase that we checked, so we each only had a small carry-on for the plane. The above picture shows all of my clothes that were laid out, condensed in the suitcase. The magic of rolling your clothing!


This picture shows all of our clothes/shoes in the suitcase. I stored all our socks and underwear in the pouches inside the suitcase cover. We used this large suitcase because we had lots of birthday gifts to take to our families, so that’s what we filled the empty space with.


I kept my makeup and small toiletries in my carry-on, and packed our larger toiletries in the suitcase. We packed up everything in the afternoon the day before we left, and it was so easy and stress-free. Our 8 AM airport shuttle unexpectedly showed up at 7:30 for some reason and we were able to run out of the house in 5 minutes because we planned ahead the day before. It felt pretty good.


5 shirts + 1 dress

1 cardigan + 1 sweatshirt

1 pajama top + 1 pair sweatpants

1 pair sneakers + 1 pair ankle boots

1 pair jeans + 1 pair leggings + 1 skirt

1 bra + 10 pairs underwear + 7 pairs socks + 2 pairs tights

1 exercise top + 1 sports bra + 1 pair exercise pants + 1 exercise jacket


Happy packing!






2 thoughts on “Minimalist Packing (10 day trip)

  1. That looks great! I do the same: I always pack half the number of outfits that I would need and plan on doing laundry mid-stay. It saves so much space and I usually wear clothes at least twice before washing anyway! Did you take anything you ended up not using? I’m trying to get better at that πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Katelyn! Yeah, having half the amount of stuff has been working great so far! We’re about halfway through our trip, and so far I’ve worn everything I brought except my athletic clothes. The three hour jet lag from the West coat to the East coast has me a lot lazier than I thought πŸ™‚ Hopefully I’ll get a couple jogs or walks in before the end of the trip though.


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