FAMILY RECIPE #3: Spicy Chopped Eggplant


The third recipe I tried for my family cookbook project is this spicy chopped eggplant that my Great Grandma Freida used to make. I never met her, but she was my grandfather’s mother, and I know he loved cooking and food. I also love cooking and food, so I believe it runs in the family. 


I’ve never tried this food before, so I didn’t know how it was supposed to come out, which was actually a really fun part of cooking it. The recipe calls for cooking a whole eggplant directly over the flame on a gas stove, without a pan.


I thought I would surely burn down the house, but it actually went really well and got this smoky delicious flavor. The recipe didn’t say to cook the green peppers and onions, but I cooked them anyway because I suspected they maybe were supposed to be cooked a little.


The red pepper flakes and lemon juice in this dish add a great flavor that is different from the kinds of things I normally cook. The eggplant has a great texture, and the green pepper adds a bit of crunch.


I ate this with a piece of crusty baguette for lunch and it was very satisfying and cool to know it’s something my great grandmother cooked a lot.


One day I’ll make it for a dinner party and put it in a nice serving dish and garnish it with cucumbers and olives like the recipe says. For now, though, the leftovers are in my fridge, and I will have several really good lunches from this recipe.

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