Day Trip: El Matador State Beach


My father-in-law was in town recently, and we decided to try a beach day (again). The last time Sean and I wanted to spend a day at the beach, it was so foggy and chilly on the coast that there was no sunning to be had. This time, the weather was lovely, and we had a lot of fun exploring El Matador State Beach in Malibu, known for its interesting rocky landscape and sea caves.


The first thing I saw entering the beach area from the parking lot were all of these pretty yellow flowers. I love wild flowers.


We drove up into the mountains a little bit to get to the entrance, and then once we arrived, we had to climb down lots of stairs.


It wasn’t very crowded. I think it’s too early to be true beach season, although it’s hard to know because it almost always feels like beach weather in Southern California.


Here’s me with Sean and his dad. As soon as this little boy saw me taking pictures with my phone, he asked if I wanted him to take a picture of the three of us. It was very sweet.


This is what some of the sea caves look like. There were a lot of people trying to have photo shoots in there. I can’t imagine the lighting situation is optimal, but it’s a really cool spot.


We walked a while down the beach and came to some of the super fancy beach-side houses you see in movies that take place in LA. I must say, the idea of having the whole Pacific Ocean in your backyard does sound like a nice life.


Sean and I hope to spend some more time at some of the beaches around here in the spring and summer.

Does anyone have Southern California beach recommendations?


Love and sunshine,



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