April 2017 Goals (and March Follow Up)



I’m an on again/off again runner, and I’ve been mostly off lately. I have a pretty irregular work schedule, so I think I have to schedule outdoor activity time in advance. This month, I want to be more proactive about scheduling in walks. Maybe in the morning and maybe with Leo (my tiny dog friend). Getting out in nature always makes me feel happier and more grounded.



I want to try waking up at 7 AM every day. I’ve heard many times that waking up early and consistently at the same time can really aid in productivity. I’m a morning person anyway, so I don’t think it will be a huge struggle. What I’m most interested in is sticking to a consistent schedule, and getting productive right away in the morning.



This one is related to my previous goal, but more specific. I want to create a calming nighttime routine that helps me wind down so I can get a really good night’s sleep every night. Sometimes I struggle with anxiety and I notice it is always the worst at night, so I want to actively try to combat it. Elements I want to incorporate into my routine are: a) light tidying b) herbal tea c)reading d) flossing. Doesn’t that sound nice? If I clean up a little before bed, I feel calmer and know I will wake up to a happier home. The herbal tea and reading will be a nice way to unwind without overly stimulating media like Netflix or YouTube videos. And flossing is just because then I can say I’m a person who flosses and impress dentists everywhere.


I did not meet my March goals exactly, but I felt like I had a very productive month. I read 4/4 books I wanted to read (yay), cooked 2/3 family recipes I wanted to cook (not bad), and made 3/10 drawings I wanted to make (maybe 10 was a little steep). I think goal-setting is great, but I’m making sure to tell myself that not meeting the exact goals I set is not failing. Goal-setting seems to be a learning process. As I set goals and make or don’t make them, I am learning about myself and what works and what doesn’t work so well.Β It’s all part of the road to self-discovery.

It’s going to be a good month. Do you have any goals you’d like to share?


All the best,



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