Simple Minimalist Makeup Routine (Cruelty Free)


As I mentioned in my February favorites post, I’ve been really enjoying wearing less makeup lately. This quick (and cruelty-free) makeup look saves me time in the morning, but still makes me feel polished and put together for my day.


This makeup tutorial only uses 6 makeup products. Most of them are in my Minimalist Makeup Collection post, but having fewer items, I’ve already used up and replaced a couple of things.


First, I quickly applied my Urban Decay eye primer to my eyelids. Then, I dotted this Wet N Wild makeup stick under my eyes, and to any redness or discoloration on my face. I just blended it in with my fingers. (I should say, I recently bought this concealer stick, and I’m not a big fan. I wouldn’t recommend it, but I will most likely just use it up before buying a different concealer, in the spirit of minimalism).


I set the concealer with my Wet N Wild powder.


Then, I used my finger to pat the light pink shimmery shade from my Wet N Wild “Walking on Eggshells” eyeshadow paletteΒ all over my eyelid. I used this fluffy brush to blend the middle, medium brown shade in the crease on my eyelids.


I used another clean fluffy brush to blend out the crease color.


I used the lightest shade in my Naked 2 Basics eyeshadow palette to highlight my brow bones.


I used this third light brown shade to fill in my eyebrows with a small angled brush.


I feel like my makeup always looks more complete when I fill in my eyebrows a little.


Then, I applied my Wet N Wild MegaLength mascara to just my top eyelashes. I used to always put lots of mascara on my top and bottom eyelashes, but I realized recently that just a little applied to my top eyelashes makes my eyes look open and awake without risking smudging under my eyes.

DSC03578 (1).jpg

I haven’t been using blush or bronzer or anything. I think my freckles look nice just the way they are. On my lips, I really only ever wear lip balm lately. This whole makeup routine only takes me about ten minutes. I hope this helps if you want to save a little time in your morning routine!


Love and positive vibes,



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