Day Trip: Our Foggy Malibu Beach Day


Today was my day off and Sean’s day off and the forecast showed high 80s and sunny, so we thought it was the absolute perfect opportunity for a beach day. Little did we know, in Southern California, when it’s still technically winter, even though it feels like summer, the temperature by the coast can literally be 25 degrees lower than a mile away inland. Needless to say, our perfect beach day didn’t go as planned.


We were super excited on our hour-long drive, listening to country music (like we always do on long drives), and eating snacks from Whole Foods. It was a great morning. The sky was blue, and it was sunny and hot. Fast forward to when we got within 4 miles of the beach we were headed to. A thick fog as far as the eye could see. It was suddenly 58 degrees.


It didn’t stop us from having a fun time, though. We parked by the side of the road along the Pacific Coast Highway and enjoyed the view for a while. The water and the sky were the same pale gray color. It was really beautiful, actually, just not good weather for laying around in the sunshine.


This rocky coast reminded me of the New England coast. Sean and I have a particularly strong attachment to the New England coast since that’s where we went on our first date and where we got married.


We found this cute strawberry stand on the way there! I have a firm belief (not based in any real experience until today) that fruit you buy on the side of the road is always better than fruit you buy in the grocery store.


Anyway, best eight dollars I ever spent (on a gigantic tub of strawberries).


Our little trip today was a good lesson that even when your day doesn’t go as you had planned, you can still have a lot of fun! We’re going to try to go to this beach again once it gets further into springtime, but I had a lovely day in the fog anyway.


Until next time,



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