Day Trip: Bronson Cave Trail


Sean and I went for such a cool hike the other day to the Bronson Cave Trail in Griffith Park. It features a big man-made cave that was the entrance to the Batcave in the 1960s Batman television series. It is such a strange and beautiful place.


It was a hot day when we were there, in the high 70s, but in the cave it felt like a completely different climate. There’s a shallow pool of water and it’s very breezy and cool inside.


Very dark too. After we were through the cave, we saw some people having a fashion photoshoot in there. That’s LA I guess.


There were several exits to the cave. We went out of this small one, and sat and ate lunch on this rock. It was nice and shady.


The hiking trail itself was just okay, but I think we didn’t follow the best of the trails in this area. The trail we took sort of wound around a mountain up into one of the residential areas in the Hollywood hills. The view of the Hollywood sign is pretty cool from up there though.


Los Angeles has this odd quality of having a lot of nature and a lot of buildings. The view from all the way up on this giant hill was houses. Usually the view from a mountain peak is a valley, but here it’s like there are houses on top of the mountains and houses at the bottom of the mountains. They seem precariously placed, too. They’re not lined up in a grid or even necessarily in similar architectural styles.


It’s interesting to see, but I think I might like hiking more in places that are less impacted by human constructions. I like to feel like I’m on another planet when I’m hiking, or like I’m in another time, before strip malls and four car garages.



We did manage to find this people-free building-free clutter-free view that was truly beautiful, somewhere around the fourth entrance to the Batcave.


Love and fresh air,



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