It’s my half birthday! (6 month goal check in)


Hello reader!

Today I am 23 and a half, and in a particularly inspired mood, so I thought I would check in on the goals I blogged about on my 23rd birthday. Hey look, I cut my hair since then!

Goal #1 by 23 year old Spencer: Be confident, even when everything is uncertain. Remember that you’re great and a valuable member of society!

Commentary by 23.5 y/o Spencer: This is the one goal I think I stuck to the most! Could it be that it’s because it’s the most vague? Who knows?! In all seriousness though, I’m proud of myself for feeling confident most days and remembering that I’m valuable. While I have had low points over the last six months, they seem to be getting farther apart and spanning shorter amounts of time. I can say (with my 23.5 year old wisdom) that remembering your self-worth is critical to living a fulfilling life. I think it’s probably the most important thing I’ve learned in my life so far.

Goal #2 by 23 y/0 Spencer: Try new things, even when you’re a little (or even a lot) scared. Try to say yes to opportunities, but remember that it’s okay to stay home with your dog and a pizza if it’s what you need.

Commentary by 23.5 y/o Spencer: While I can’t think of many specific examples of trying new things in the last six months, the entire experience of graduating college, getting married, and moving cross-country with a less-than-concrete plan has all felt like a new thing. After living in the LA area for 6 months, my husband and I are certainly not set on it being our forever home. However, the whole experience of moving out on our own to a totally new place has really taught us a lot about ourselves and about each other. I believe our relationship has grown stronger from having to work as a team to figure out all the new things life has brought us. It’s not skydiving, but it’s a start.

Goal #3 by 23 y/0 Spencer: Blog consistently, because it’s a good creative outlet, and because it’s fun.

Commentary by 23.5 y/o Spencer: All right, so I kind of dropped the ball on this one. I stand by the fact that it’s a good creative outlet and that it’s fun, but until very recently, I was balancing two part-time jobs, and it drained a lot of my desire for creative expression during my small amounts of free time. Instead, I mostly spent it watching the first 3 seasons of Prison Break (and repeatedly accidentally referring to it as Jail Break to my husband). I hoping to pick up blogging more frequently again. I think it encourages me to do more productive and fun things with my time (than covering my eyes during the gory scenes of Prison Break (I mean Jail Break)).

Goal #4: Cook a lot and be adventurous with it. It’s cheaper than eating out, and it makes you feel like a domestic goddess.

Commentary by 23.5 y/o Spencer: Sean and I have cooked quite a lot, but I can’t say we’ve been too adventurous with it. I have a new project in the works that will have us trying out lots of new recipes and hopefully feeling more excited about cooking, so stay tuned! Our best cooking discovery so far is chili. It reheats like a dream! Leftovers for days!

Goal #5: Get organized and stay organized! It makes you feel better and it saves you time.

Commentary by 23.5 y/o Spencer: No this did not happen at all. Sorry 23 y/o Spencer. One good thing we have going for us is that we hardly have any stuff. The problem is that we’re bad at putting our small amount of stuff away after we use it. I’m hoping total life organization is something that you grow into over time and not something that happens over night. I’ll check back in six more months and let you know if my theory proves true.


What are some goals you’ve made recently, and how are you at sticking to them? Any advice on meeting your goals? I feel like I scored a 50%. Here’s to a more goal-oriented second half of 23!


Warm wishes,



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