Weekend Trip: Kernville, CA


Hello, I’m back! Did you miss me?


I started a new job after my most recent blog post, and became really busy. I got caught up with trying to get my life in order, and figure out how to schedule in free time. That said, Sean and I went to a really beautiful place recently, so I had to share it with you, obviously.


My mom’s birthday was about a week ago, and I was feeling very blue about it. She died when I was 15, and these important dates always seem to bring up unexpected emotions. I realized I had two days off in a row from work (which is a very big deal when you have two part-time jobs), and so we planned a last-minute getaway to a tiny mountain town a few hours away.


It was some much-needed time away, and it made me feel a lot better. It’s amazing how quiet the world is when you’re not near a big city anymore.


We stayed at the Corral Creek Resort, which is a little lodge in the Sequoia National Forest, 8 miles north of downtown Kernville. We didn’t get to see any giant sequoia trees because a lot of the roads were closed due to possible snow! In southern California! Who would’ve thought?


We did go on a great hike, though. It was so lovely. The Salmon Creek Falls trail was the most secluded trail Sean and I have ever hiked. It was probably partially because we visited during the off season, but there were literally no other people on the trail. We were even the only ones staying in our lodge!


After our hike, we went to Cheryl’s Diner which was the quintessential small-town diner in the heart of Kernville.


All their chairs wore Santa hats.


Our stay in Kernville was only two days and one night, but it felt like longer. If you live in LA and need a break from the pollution and traffic, I would highly recommend taking a trip to the Sequoia National Forest. It was about a three hour drive for us, but it felt like we were much farther away. I will warn you, part of the drive through the mountains is very winding and I got really spooked, but I hid under my blanket scarf while Sean drove, and we made it through unscathed.

I think the scary drive was worth it, though, because look how happy I was in Kernville:



Happy happy holidays to you all,




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