Day Trip: Stough Canyon Nature Center


Sean and I went exploring in Burbank again! This time, we hiked a trail at Stough Canyon Nature Center. The view from the top was really something, and there was a bench, in the perfect spot.


All the trails around here seem to have the interesting contrast between the super green golf courses and the muted colors of the natural, desert landscape.


I’m not sure what this was, but it looked like a maze from above. You can also definitely see a layer of pollution over the mountains in the distance. It’s kind of depressing, but it’s also pretty. It’s weird how that happens sometimes- bad things that are also pretty.


Here we are at the top, super excited and goofy.

IMG_3901 (1).jpg

For someone with a fear of heights, I really like being up high, looking down on things. Nothing’s very scary anymore, when you realize how small it all is.


Adventurously yours,



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