My First 5k:WWWP5K


Yesterday I participated in a really cool WordPress community event called the Worldwide WordPress 5k. Basically, WordPress users from all over the world ran a 5k within a five day period and they’re all blogging about their experiences. I think forming this international connection with people celebrates the best thing about the Internet, so I jumped right in.


I’ve been running on and off semi-regularly for just a couple of years. I didn’t really play sports growing up, so it was a bit of a hurdle to overcome, convincing myself that I could just be a runner if I wanted to. I really enjoy it now, and feel really good whenever I run.

I ran my WordPress 5k in a suburban area of Burbank, California (which is in Los Angeles county). Here are some of the beautiful things I saw on my run:


California is a very pretty place.


Until next time,



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