What I Wore: Fall in LA


Guys it got kind of cold in Los Angeles. Okay, it was 65 for two days and then it went back up to the high eighties, but STILL. When I lived in Rhode Island, I hated the cold cold winters, and the thought of moving to California was what kept me walking to class in a foot of snow, my pockets full of Puffs Plus. Now that I’m here, though, and as fall rolls in, I find myself nostalgic for the days of bundling up. 


At least they still have festive seasonal lattes at Starbucks in LA, and no amount of sunny winter days can change that! But for real, it’s been the slightest bit chilly in the evenings, which is the perfect opportunity to break out my cool Letterman jacket (with a logo on it from some team that may or may not exist).


One autumn in Rhode Island, I needed a new jacket and found this one on sale for $5 at Forever 21. I thought, hey, if people think I’m a high school student with a cool football playing boyfriend, then so be it. Anyway, they sell a similar jacket now, if you’re interested, but you could also just date a varsity athlete from the 1960s to obtain one in a more authentic manner.


Since my Minimalist Shoe Collection post, I have worn through the soles of my work boots, so I got this pair as a replacement. They’re the Boyohboy Chelsea Boots by Nine West, and I really like them.


My black tank top is from Old Navy, many years ago, and I made my denim shorts out of weird capri pants from Gap that I found at Savers. I got my hat at Frog & Toad in Providence, and it was the only one with this patch. I didn’t know what 76 was, but I have since discovered, living in California now, that it is a regional chain of gas stations. I don’t know how I feel about promoting this specific gas station company that I know nothing about, but it is my only hat, and it is well-loved.


And finally, as per usual, the bag I am wearing is my Madewell transport tote. Are you getting in the fall spirit? We’ve got a week until it’s officially fall, but you best believe this house is filled with the scent of the Marshmallow Fireside candle from Bath & Body Works.


Love and pumpkin spice,



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