Day Trip: Wildwood Canyon Park


Sean and I checked out our first outdoorsy/nature place since moving to LA, and it was really cool! We live in Burbank, so it was not a far drive at all to Wildwood Canyon Park. 


The park is much bigger than the part that we explored. It was a very beautiful place that felt unique to the Los Angeles area.


On the drive in, it looks like so much of LA: sunny, blue, and palm trees.


The really cool part was the view from higher up on the mountain that we hiked. You could see from the overgrown desert-like mountain, to the carefully-manicured green golf course next door, to the sparkly city of Burbank, all across the other mountains on the other side of the San Fernando Valley, to Downtown LA.


Sean and I really like hiking together, since it’s a hobby we’ve both only picked up since meeting each other. It feels special for us to explore new places together.


We did a short hike. I’m not sure what the trail was called, but it was about a mile to the top. It was extremely steep the whole way up, but the views were worth it.


Sean was excited about all the cacti. You don’t see many of those back home in Rhode Island.


Here is our view from the very top of the trail that we climbed. As you can see in the photo, when we got to the top, there was a guy proposing to his girlfriend, and a photographer who had apparently been hiding in the bushes! What a surprise. Probably more for the girl getting proposed to than for us, though. In the distance in this photo, you can see, right in the middle and very tiny, the city of Los Angeles. It’s amazing how such a big city can look so small. It’s all about perspective, I guess.

Sean and I are really looking forward to exploring more of the many hiking trails in the Los Angeles/Burbank area! Stay tuned.


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