What I Wore: Airport


I’m in Chicago for Labor Day weekend because my dad’s getting married! We had a 6 AM flight, so we were up at 3, and it was a real mess of a morning in our household. Sean and I were just trying to not fall asleep while we brushed our teeth and got dressed. 


Luckily, we picked out our clothes the night before so we wouldn’t have to think too much about it.


My rules for what to wear to the airport are as follows:

1. Wear layers because it’s cold on the plane and hot outside.

2. Wear your bulkiest shoes that you’re taking so you can save space in your suitcase.

3. Dress in something super comfy because being on an airplane is super not comfy.


My leggings and tank top are from a brand I love called PACT. PACT is a clothing company that is focused on making ethical clothing, ensuring that the people making the clothing are treated with dignity and respect at every step of the supply chain. The outsourcing in the clothing industry leads to under-paid workers with terrible working conditions, and it’s a cause I care a lot about. Shopping with PACT is a great way to support this cause.


Besides the ethical side of the company, the clothing is great quality and not very expensive. This racerback tank top is such a nice thick material, and I wear it a lot for going on runs. These leggings are very soft and the waist band doesn’t do that weird thing where the elastic twists up inside the fabric irreparably.


My sweater is from back in my Madewell days. Here is a similar one they sell now. It is so soft and one of my only sweaters. It’s kind of a medium weight, so it’s a good one to use in the summer when I know I’m going to be in air conditioning.


My shoes are from Nike (link to a similar pair), and my bag is my trusty old Madewell Transport Tote. As I’ve mentioned before, I only have three bags, and this one definitely gets a ton of use. It’s my biggest bag, and it fits everything. I guess I understand how it got its name.


Until next time,



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