Goals for 23


As you probably know from my last post, I just celebrated my 23rd birthday (with a gigantic piece of carrot cake, sprinkles and all!) Along with having aΒ new age, pretty much everything in my life is new right now. I graduated from college, got married, moved across the country, and started two new jobs, all in the last couple of months. If that’s not a fresh start, I don’t know what is.


I want to make 23 a great year of my life. So let’s set some goals, shall we?

Goal #1: Be confident, even when everything is uncertain. Remember that you’re great and a valuable member of society!

Goal #2: Try new things, even when you’re a little (or even a lot) scared. Try to say yes to opportunities, but remember that it’s okay to stay home with your dog and a pizza if it’s what you need.

Goal #3: Blog consistently, because it’s a good creative outlet, and because it’s fun.

Goal #4: Cook a lot and be adventurous with it. It’s cheaper than eating out, and it makes you feel like a domestic goddess.

Goal #5: Get organized and stay organized! It makes you feel better and it saves you time.

These are my goals for me, but if some of them feel right for you (like the first one is definitely right for you, for example) you should set them for yourself! Let me know what goals you’ve set and how they’re working out for you.


Positive vibes,



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