What I Wore: My Birthday!

DSC02567 (2).jpg

Today is my birthday! I’m 23 (as of 7:21 AM Chicago time). I also started a new job today! This is the second time I’ve started a job on my birthday. A first day of work is not exactly a slice of funfetti cake, but I’ll take what I can get. Besides, how else am I going to pay for my funfetti cake?


Because I was starting a job, I donned my blousiest of shirts and my favorite skirt and hoped for the best. I don’t really own any other patterned clothing, but I really like the floral pattern on this shirt. Black and white are always a plus too, because they go with everything. Like, if I buy neon yellow pants, I’ll have just the top to pair with them. I’m probably never going to buy neon yellow pants, but you have to admit it was a great example. Anyway, I can’t find my shirt in this print online, but here is a link to the same shirt in a different pattern.


My skirt is from Madewell. It’s the best skirt ever. It’s stretchy and not too short and it has pockets. They don’t make it anymore, or anything similar, but I found this one from ASOS that seems pretty close. It’s not as flippy or as twirly, but it will accomplish the same thing in terms of putting an outfit together.


I wore my same Sam & Libby boots and Madewell bag from my previous outfit post. Capsule wardrobe tip: try to buy stuff that goes with all your other stuff. Then, you don’t need to buy new things to look good with the other new things you just bought. (Like neon yellow pants)


I did my typical “accidentally too dramatic because I messed up” winged eyeliner, and wore some sparkly studs I got at TJ Maxx. I only have three pairs of earrings, and these are the simplest, so I wear them a lot.


The watch is the same watch I always wear (link to a similar one), and it follows my previously-mentioned capsule wardrobe tip very well.

Anyway, I haven’t eaten any cake yet today, or even any rainbow sprinkles, but there’s still time!


Until next time,



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