My Minimalist Nail Polish Collection


I feel like nail polish is one thing you can end up with a ton of. Like, shoeboxes full of hardly used similar colors that were trendy last month. Back in the day, I would see someone wearing a cute nail polish color, and I’d be like, okay I need that nail polish color. 

Then, I would buy more nail polish, and whatever I already owned didn’t feel as special and trendy as what some pretty girl at Starbucks was wearing on her toenails. That sounds so goofy, writing it out like that, but honestly, I think this is a lesson in self-confidence more than anything. You’ve got to just feel like the pretty girl at Starbucks who other people will want to look like. If you just think that you are, then you are. Wham bam.


Now, about the nail polish collection! I basically stopped buying nail polish. In my minimalist makeup collection post, I talked about how I stopped buying anything that I had duplicates of, like lipgloss, and that really helped decrease the size of my entire collection over time. Nail polish is something I always have duplicates of, because they take forever to use up. I always have one good base coat, and one good top coat, so those I will buy if I run out. My favorite base coat right now is OPI Nail Envy, because I have the weakest most breakable nails on the planet. I think the best top coat is Out the Door, because it’s basically the same as Seche Vite, but half the price.


So anyway, that’s my tip: stop buying nail polish. The second tip: assume you’re the pretty girl at Starbucks that other people take fashion cues from. Done. Oh wait, one more tip. I have this little box that I keep all my nail polishes in. If there’s room, like if I use one up, I’m okay with buying a new one, but if there’s not, I know I have plenty of options, and really don’t need to buy any more. I’ll look great in any of the ones I already own anyway, right?!


These are my nail polishes, in the order from left to right of the first picture:

1) Zoya in Sia

2) Wet n Wild Megalast in I Need a Refresh-Mint (this is my longest lasting nail polish)

3) NCLA in Take a Dip

4) Essie in Mind Your Mittens (OMG that’s a cute name)

5) Essie in Cocktail Bling

6) NCLA in Golden Coast

7) Wet n Wild Megalast in Sugar Coat

8) SpaRitual in Airhead (kind of an offensive name but whatever)

9) NCLA in Bikinis and Martinis

10) Essie in A-List

11) Essie in Rock at the Top


Get paintin’,




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