Weekend Trip: Catalina Island


After we finally made it to our new place in Los Angeles at the end of a very long and very fun honeymoon road trip, we went to Catalina Island for one last hurrah before real life began again. 


We took the ferry out of Long Beach, and after an hour-long ride, we arrived at the magical place that is Catalina Island. Everything was blue and green and beautiful. And even better- we didn’t have to do any driving! After 4,000 miles across America, it was something to be celebrated.


We stayed for two nights at The Snug Harbor Inn which was just as cozy as it sounds. There was a wonderful large bathtub, and even a fireplace in the room. They brought us this charming breakfast each morning (above) and kept a vase of fresh flowers in the room near the window.


We spent our time there relaxing as much as possible. The beach was nice, but we couldn’t swim much because the water was really rocky.

IMG_3008 (1).jpg

Also, there were a lot of boats in the water. It was beautiful to watch from the shore, though.


The best restaurant that we went to on the island was called Ristorante Villa Portofino. We sat outside and slurped up garlicky spaghetti, while watching the boats on the water.


The weather was great, and there was a pretty view from everywhere we went. Catalina Island would be a great weekend getaway for anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life in LA. We hope to go back one day!


Until next time,



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