What I Wore: Job Interview


I don’t own that much clothing. I’m a bit of a minimalist, in that regard. I used to have a lot more, but Sean and I significantly downsized all our belongings before taking a cross-country road trip in a small car filled with everything we own. 


Anyway, now that we’re here to stay in LA, I just added two new fun and practical items to my wardrobe, just in time for some job interviews I had in the last few days.


The first thing I bought was this dress from Target. I love it. It’s not that stretchy, but just enough, and it’s very comfortable. It has a zip up the back, with a pretty high neck. I think the length is long enough for a semi-professional occasion. I was only interviewing for some part-time jobs at restaurants and café type places. Maybe if you’re interviewing for CEO of a big important company, you’d want to wear something more formal or more conservative.


The second thing I bought were these shoes, also from Target. I realized I didn’t have any closed-toed shoes besides sneakers and hiking boots, neither of which would look too good with my new dress. The boots are perfect. They have just a tiny bit of a heel, but are just as comfortable as flats. I like them for the summer, but I think I’ll wear them during any season.


My bag is not new, but I love it just as much. I’ve had it for several years, since I was actually working at Madewell. It wears so well and I think it looks even better than when I first got it. I only own three bags: this one, the regular sized Madewell Transport Tote, and a smaller purse for formal events. I think this bag goes with everything, and I never feel like I want to buy any more purses.  I can fit a book, my planner, my wallet, and lots of other small bits and bobs in there.


My watch is by Relic, but I bought it many years ago and I don’t think they make it any more. Here is a link to a similar one. My earrings were a lovely wedding gift from my lovely sister, and I actually wore them at my wedding. Being the semi-minimalist that I am, I don’t really reserve any of my stuff for one event only. They bring back happy memories of our wedding whenever I wear them. Anyway, they’re by Kendra Scott and they’re totally customizable which is awesome.


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7 thoughts on “What I Wore: Job Interview

  1. this is a beautiful look! so elegant 🙂 i think it’s better to have a more minimalist wardrobe – then you can appreciate the things you have and truly own a unique sense of style ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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