HOW TO: 7-Ingredient Vegan Tacos


If you’ve gone vegan recently, or are looking for some easy, fresh, and plant-based meal ideas, don’t overthink it! Tacos will be your saving grace! 

Here’s what you need:

1) a green pepper

2) a smallish red onion or a big chunk of a gigantic red onion

3) half a can of black beans

4) tortillas (look out for honey in an ingredients list if you’re vegan)

5) half a large tomato

6) half an avocado

7) olive oil for cooking

+ garlic salt/pepper to taste


Basically, you just slice up the pepper and onion in thin strips and sauté them in some olive oil until it smells GREAT in your house and the vegetables have softened and browned a little. Then, pour in the beans and cook for a little longer. Shake some garlic salt on there generously. I believe garlic salt is one of the great secrets to vegan food that doesn’t taste like nothing.

IMG_3125 (1).jpg

Tortillas are infinitely more delicious if you toast them in a pan on medium heat for about a minute on each side.


Then, put all the cooked stuff on your toasted tortilla. Dice up the tomato and slice up the avocado, and then eat up!

I know this is an incredibly simple recipe, but with avocado for richness and black beans for protein, you can make a very satisfying meal that is meat- and dairy-free! In fact, you don’t even need all that other stuff. Just pour a can of cold black beans into an avocado and call it lunch! Just kidding. I wouldn’t advise that. There’s something off-putting to me about cold beans.


Until next time!



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