My Minimalist Makeup Collection (Cruelty-Free)


I love makeup. I love doing my makeup and playing with makeup and buying makeup. Growing up, my mom wasn’t much of a wearer of makeup, so I learned most of what I know about the subject from beauty gurus on YouTube. If you haven’t seen makeup-related videos on YouTube, a large portion of them encourage buying lots of makeup, to keep up with new releases and limited edition makeup products. Thinking about the makeup you own as a “collection” instead of just as products with a purpose, like toothpaste, can cause you to buy more makeup than you could ever actually use up.

So anyway, I used to buy a lot of makeup. Nothing so crazy, but I owned at least three large makeup bags worth of makeup, and now all the makeup I own takes up about half of one makeup bag. I decided I wanted to have enough makeup to experiment with many different makeup looks, while keeping the total volume of products as small as possible. Here’s what I did:

  1. I got rid of any makeup products that were old and possibly expired (e.g. a lipgloss I’ve owned for 5 years)
  2. I got rid of any makeup that I hated or never used
  3. I stopped buying makeup (unless I was completely out of a certain thing that I wear every day, like mascara)

If you do all of those things, before you know it, you’ll start using things up and downsizing without excessive waste.

If you like to do a full face of makeup, here’s all you really need (with links to my specific cruelty-free recommendations):

  1. a full coverage foundation
  2. a setting powder
  3. a bronzer
  4. a blush
  5. an eyelid primer
  6. an eyeshadow palette (mine has all shimmery colors)
  7. a single matte white or cream eyeshadow (to set your eyelid primer)
  8. a single matte light brown eyeshadow (for a transition shade)
  9. a black or brown eyeliner
  10. a mascara
  11. a tinted eyebrow gel
  12. a neutral lipgloss
  13. a bold lipstick 

That’s just 13 things. That will definitely fit in your makeup bag! No need for a makeup storage system anymore. Of course, you can always add fun bits to this capsule makeup “collection” like a blue eyeliner or a purple liquid lipstick, but if you have these 13 products, you can feel great about your makeup every day, and save space and time.


Until next time,



10 thoughts on “My Minimalist Makeup Collection (Cruelty-Free)

  1. I’m the opposite and openly admit to building a collection, in a way I feel obliged to in order to create reviews and compare products but in reality that Iist you have produced is exactly everything that I use on a daily basis.


    1. I totally get that and think that’s great too, especially for reviewing purposes so people who read your blog don’t have to buy as much makeup because they already know what’s good from you. It’s been a pretty interesting process for me to figure out how few things I need to own to still feel satisfied and excited about makeup.

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  2. I’m going more and more minimalist, but I still have 6 eyeshadow palettes and a face palette. But I do like to have neutral, smokey and colorful options, so that’s ok I guess. And I’m definitely not buying more because those have me covered quite decently ^.^
    Great post!


    1. Thanks so much! Yeah, I think the whole minimalist thing is about having an amount of stuff you feel comfortable with and not overwhelmed by. I have made the mistake in the past of getting rid of something just because I was in crazy minimalism mindset, and then I ended up missing the thing and realizing that I actually use it. It’s all about balance 🙂

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