TOP 3: Steps to Feel Happier Today


STEP 1: Put on a Jason Derulo song, ANY Jason Derulo song, and jam out like nobody’s watching (because you’re at home and nobody is watching probably). I recommend this one.

STEP 2: Take small sips of a glass of cold water.

STEP 3: Get outside and breathe. Walk to somewhere you think is beautiful.

Repeat, until you’ve reached your desired results. This works, I swear!

Happily yours,



2 thoughts on “TOP 3: Steps to Feel Happier Today

  1. I sure could use a change in mood but at 70 I don’t know who Jason Derulo is, and its 102 outside so all that’s left is the water and your blog… Thanks for the smile and the cold water though!


    1. Haha, thanks for the comment Pete! Glad to be of service encouraging hydration. How about some Paul Simon? Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes fulfills the same purpose as Jason Derulo for the sake of this exercise 🙂


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