Our Honeymoon Road Trip (Day 10 + 11 Page, AZ)


On the tenth day of our road trip, we left Santa Fe and drove to Kanab, Utah. I know what you’re thinking. Odd choice. To clarify, we weren’t actually in Kanab. We weren’t exactly in Page, Arizona either. If the place the night before in Galisteo felt like the middle of nowhere, our Airbnb in a mysterious non-town between Page and Kanabย out nowhered the previous nowhere. We stayed in a woman’s very large house where she must have been renting at least 10 rooms to other Airbnb guests. It was odd, but quite comfortable.


The reason we stayed there was so that early the next morning, we could adventure intoย Glen Canyon, a two and a half hour away and much smaller neighbor to the Grand Canyon.

Technically, we went kayaking in Antelope Canyon, which we think is a part of Glen Canyon but the geography is a little unclear.


Either way, it was absolutely wonderful. The lake is called Lake Powell and it was created by a dam on the Colorado River. It had the prettiest blue-green water I’ve ever seen. It was 110 degrees out but we kept cool by pulling our kayak into different little sandy areas around the lake and going for a swim. The water was the perfect temperature.


I don’t know how many miles we paddled for, but finally we came to this narrow passageway (Sean says it’s called a slot canyon) where the lake just kept getting more narrow. It was very majestic. Our kayak nearly got stuck when we got all the way to the most narrow part, and we had to back out just by pushing against the sides of the rocks. It was such a cool experience. I would recommend it to anyone traveling near northern Arizona. There seemed to be mostly people with jet skis and motorboats on the lake, but kayaking was quiet and we could fit in more places (like slot canyons).


Until next time,





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