Our Honeymoon Road Trip (Day 9 Santa Fe)


On the ninth day of our road trip, we didn’t have to drive anywhere! Or at least anywhere very far. We decided to spend the day in the city of Santa Fe. It was about a thirty minute drive from Galisteo, where we were staying, so we hadn’t even ventured all the way there the day before.

Here’s a cool rock formation that we saw around there:


Our Airbnb casita had no Internet or cell phone reception (or television for that matter) so it was nice to spend a little time at a Starbucks in the city and catch up on some emails and blog posting.

Right next to the Palace of the Governors (built in 1610, the oldest “continuously occupied building in the US”) there was a long stretch on the sidewalk where local Native American people sold handmade jewelry and pottery. I bought a necklace with feathers on it from a man there. The feathers hold particular significance for me because I just got married, and I’m planning to change my last name, but my maiden name is German for feather. I like the idea of having a special memento from our honeymoon that symbolizes my former last name. We also bought a really beautiful hand-painted piece of pottery.


There’s an area of Santa Fe called Museum Hill where there are four museums, and the one we chose to visit was the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture. The picture above is a large sculpture that stands outside the entrance. It feels very powerful, looking up at it.

I really enjoyed our time at the museum, and learned a lot of new things about Native American culture. The enormous tragedy of the treatment of Native Americans in the nineteenth century seems to get overlooked in conversations about American history, or at least in the ones I’ve been a part of. Although the wrong-doing of the past can’t be undone, I think becoming more aware and recognizing the importance of past Native American communities and the ones that still exist to this country’s identity is a step in the right direction.

On a lighter note, Sean bought a cowboy hat. When in Rome, right?


That night, we watched the sunset from this gazebo:


Our Airbnb host told us that the people who live in the house next to it weren’t there for the week, but every time we walked by the house, we heard mysterious and uninterrupted flute playing. I’m pretty sure it was haunted, but thankfully, we didn’t get murdered.


Until next time,



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