Honeymoon Road Trip (Day 7 + 8 OKC + Santa Fe)

IMG_2779 (1)

On the seventh day of our road trip, we drove from Memphis to Oklahoma City. It was OK. (Get it?)

The drive was very lovely. We listened to country music the whole time which really enhanced the views of red dirt and corn fields that rolled on forever in every direction.

I combined two days of the trip for this post, because our Oklahoma experience was basically just a terribly long drive, a gigantic thunderstorm, and a very sweet lady whose house we stayed at through Airbnb. She welcomed us with ice cold boxed wine, and left a wedding card and chocolates on the bed. I didn’t even remember that we had mentioned we were on our honeymoon in the Airbnb message we sent her. If she opened a real bed and breakfast, she would be extremely successful.


When we finally made it into Oklahoma after more than seven hours of driving, the sky began to grow very cloudy, which is pretty until you’re driving on the interstate in hurricane conditions, fearing a tornado is fast approaching. It turns out that neither of us really knows anything about Oklahoma weather or natural disasters because it was just your run of the mill thunderstorm and we were a couple of cry babies.

We hardly spent any time in Oklahoma because we got in after dark, and we left early for yet another eight hour driving day. Yeesh! This time, we were off to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Galisteo, to be specific. Also known as The Middle of Nowhere, USA.

We drove through northern Texas on the way to New Mexico. You know that boxy handle that you can pick Texas up by? That part. It looked like this:


Then the landscape started to change:


Being in New Mexico felt like being in a different country. Even when we were in the city of Santa Fe, it was nothing like any of the other cities we’d been to. Sean says he read that there are laws in the area inhibiting people from building buildings that are taller than a few stories, and the architectural styles used are also very limited. The result is a cohesive looking city with beautiful buildings that feel unique to the area, and a view of the mountains no matter where you are in the city.


In Galisteo, we stayed in a little casita owned by a man who lives next door. There are no gas stations or grocery stores or anything at all for around 7 miles from there. We ate breakfast outside each day, and sitting there, watching the hummingbirds zip around and the big clouds move slowly in the great big blue sky, I realized it was the most quiet space I have ever been.


It was a very peaceful place to stay. There were also a lot of wild bunnies with fuzzy white tails which didn’t hurt.


Until next time,



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