Our Honeymoon Road Trip (Day 6 Memphis)


On the sixth day of our road trip, I got to eat a lot of good vegan food. The first stop was Bagel Face Bakery in Nashville, where I had Mediterranean herb and vegetable flavored Tofutti cream cheese on my bagel. They even had almond milk for my coffee.


That was the kind of place I would be a regular at if we lived in Nashville.


Then it was off to Memphis. We saw the Mississippi River for the first time. Sean is a big Mark Twain fan, hence the goofy face. We didn’t spend much time in Memphis, so we didn’t get to explore too much, but the park along the river was very nice. There were even these fitness stations all along the river that were each for different exercises. I took this photo right next to the pull-up bars station. In conclusion, I can currently do zero pull-ups. You never know until you try, right? Well, I tried, and I did zero.


Seanย got to try some authentic Memphis barbecue, but I got to try vegan junk food so everyone’s a winner.


Just around the corner from the barbecue place was Imagine Vegan Cafรฉ where I got a vegan chocolate peanut butter milkshake (!!!) and a portobello mushroom sandwich with this wonderful vegan cheese sauce and roasted red peppers. There were even vegan onion rings.


Since we’re already talking about food, Memphis had the most amazing Whole Foods I’ve ever seen, and we’ve been to a lot of Whole Foods locations on this road trip. It was gigantic and it had so many cool vegan options. The Santa Fe Whole Foods, on the other hand, was lacking in the vegan prepared foods department. Location location location, let me tell you.


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